ISTDP Advanced Course

This course is designed for psychotherapists who have completed the three-year ISTDP Core Training (IEDTA-certified training) and wish to improve their competence in this area.
The course follows a format similar to Core Training, takes 3 years to complete, and includes 12 seminar meetings. The course is a form of both professional and personal development. Allows you to further develop into an ISTDP assistant, teacher and supervisor.
For many of us ISTDP psychotherapists, completing the CORE ISTDP basic training is the beginning of a new training journey and often the inspiration for further personal development. Subsequent groups of psychotherapists completing basic training continue their training in a structured manner within their CORE ISTDP group or existing advanced groups. International groups co-led by friendly IEDTA supervisors are also being formed. The Advanced Supervision Group is a journey together – figuratively and literally – during which, together with our fellow ISTDP therapists, we combine intensive training work with the passion and pleasure of getting to know interesting parts of the world and its people together. Below are some photos from our advanced education courses and moments.

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Kurs Zaawansowany ISTDP