Przemysław Duchniewicz, doctor in the course of specialization in adult psychiatry (start of specialization 11.2017), master in human resources management, master and team coach, trainer and lecturer. Certified psychotherapist, IEDTA teacher and supervisor. He works at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, previously Department of Psychiatry at the Wolski Hospital. He has 13 years of corporate experience in health management in 18 Central European countries. He has been working in the ISTDP approach since 2013, completed a 3- year Core Training in Berlin, participated in international courses, ISTDP Advanced Core Training, and has been assisting in Core ISTDP training (Warsaw/Berlin) since 2017. He teaches the Introduction to ISTDP, Pre Core course.
  • Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: 160 EURO/90 min
  • Couple psychotherapy in ISTDP model: 200 EURO/ 120 min
  • Supervision: 200 EURO/ 60 min based on previously sent supervision form, transcript and video material during supervision session
  • Executive MBA mentoring: 400 EURO/ 90 min
  • Leadership Workshop for team up to 12 people 1600 EURO/ 4 modules, each 90 min (1 day)
  • Lecture/ mini workshop online 400 EURO / 90 min
He has experience working with multicultural management teams to enhance their performance and shape organizational culture, engagement, and organizational effectiveness.
He has helped organizations develop a healthy corporate culture based on the WHO model, Coaching Leadership Style, managing stress and building stronger personal adaptability to prevent unhealthy stress and burnout. Has also been working with patients as an ISTDP psychotherapist since 2013 and has been practicing psychiatry (as a medical doctor) in the hospital since 2016.
Qualifications and expert knowledge not only in process consulting, group processes, surveys, facilitation, but also many multidimensional tools to support development and personal effectiveness such as MBTI, FIRO B, EQ-i 2.0, EQ-i 360, 16PF, TKI, Change Navigator, Change Style Indicator, Influence Style Indicator, Decision Style Profile, Discovery Learning Profile 360, Voices 360, Emerging Leader Profile 360, Paper Planes Inc. Simulation
While working at Mars Inc. trainer with Mars University, implementing and training in the Coordinated Human Resources Information System (CHRIS), leading Essence of Mars, Leadership at Mars Level 1 and Level 2 trainings (6-month programs with 5 days of intensive interactive training for 24 people 'in-class’)
Certified to provide „train the trainer” certification training in:
  • MBTI Step I – 16 unique dynamic developmental models
  • MBTI Step II – millions of ways to express a given personality type
  • FIRO B – a model of basic interpersonal relationship- oriented behavior
  • EQ-i 2.0 – a model and process for developing 15 universal emotional competencies
  • EQ -i 360 – a 360 degree assessment of emotional competence
  • 8 times O – anti- stress program by Wojciech Eichelberger
  • Lean – basic training in improving process efficiency and quality
  • High Performing Teams – a program to develop teams focused on trust and results
  • High Performing Collabration – a program to develop collaboration within and between teams
  • Change Navigator – a model and process for approaching change,
  • Change Style Indicator – an indicator of personal style of approach to change,
  • Influence Style Indicator – an indicator of personal style of influencing others
  • Decision Style Profile – an indicator of personal decision- making style
  • Emerging Leader Profile 360 – an indicator of personal leadership style
  • Paper Planes Inc. Simulation – simulation of a paper airplane manufacturing factory
Experienced in dealing with the media, lecturing to large groups, and serving as chair of international events and conferences.
He served as a board member of the Polish European Mentoring and Coaching Council, then as president and a member of the EMCC international team developing coaching and mentoring supervisor competencies.
Since 2013 he has been spreading the knowledge about ISTDP in Poland and around the world.