Josette ten Have-de Labije, Ph.D., psychotherapist, clinical psychologist. She studied at the universities of Groeningen and Amsterdam (Netherlands Institute for Brain Research). She began her career in 1972 at the Department of Neuro- and Psychophysiology in Brussels, worked in the Netherlands as coordinator of the Behavioral Therapy Department and as a member of the diagnostic staff at a public outpatient center. She has completed training in cognitive-behavioral therapy, couples therapy, individual and group psychodynamic therapy.
As supervisor and trainer for the Dutch Association for Cognitive and Behavior Therapy and supervisor and trainer for the Netherlands Foundation for Short- Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, she has provided supervision for advanced therapy courses at Utrecht and Amsterdam Universities and for many post-doctoral studies in the Netherlands. She trained and supervised with Prof. H. Davanloo. She is one of the founding members of the Dutch Association for Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (VKDP), coordinator of the training program of the Netherlands Foundation of ISTDP and a board member of the Dutch Association for Behavior Therapy (VGt). She has organized many international conferences on behavioral therapy, cancer treatment and the ISTDP approach. She conducts specialized trainings, workshops and supervisions around the world. She was a board member of the International Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy Association (IEDTA) until January 2013 and currently serves on the IEDTA advisory board. Editor-in-Chief of Ad Hoc Bulletin of STDP: Practice and Theory. From 2010 to 2016, she was the content manager and co-leader of three editions of Core Training in Poland.