Directions to the ISTDP Center:

Entrance from Chmielna Street — first gate (guard’s booth inside the entrance) on the intercom choose 102, then go right, first staircase (staircase I) on the intercom choose number 2
The ISTDP Center is located in a building at 73B Chmielna Street, a building with characteristic triangular bay windows. It was built in the late 1920s as the so-called Railway House for PKP employees. It also went down in history as “Żelazna Reduta” (Iron Redoubt) – defended by the soldiers of “Chrobry II” Group during the Warsaw Uprising. The façade of the building still bears traces of World War II bullets.
The courtyard can be entered through 4 gates — from each of the 4 sides of the world. In the 1950s more buildings were added to the “Iron Redoubt” enclosing a spacious courtyard with a green square.
At each gate – by dialing 102 you can call the ISTDP Center, then head to stairwell I and dial #2 on the intercom.
The place is ideally located for access to public transportation.
Streetcar and bus – about 2 minutes walk, metro (rondo ONZ) about 5 minutes free walk, railway station and WKD – about 5 minutes.
There are also plenty of parking spaces next to the building (car rotation is quite high), and underground parking is available in the Varso buildings adjacent to the tenement.