An IEDTA-certified, internationally recognized, 3-year course that prepares you for psychotherapeutic work in the ISTDP approach, taught exclusively by IEDTA-certified supervisors and teachers.

ISTDP Advanced Course

This course is designed for psychotherapists who have completed the three-year ISTDP Core Training (IEDTA-certified training) and wish to improve their competence in this area.


Supervision is a form of support given to the therapist by a supervisor with many years of experience in conducting psychotherapy and a competence to conduct supervision independently, confirmed by a recognized external institution.


Indywidualna, par oraz grupowa. Dla osób potrzebujących wsparcia i pomocy oraz chcących się rozwijać.
Jeżeli chcesz rozwiązać swoje problemy, doświadczyć intensywnej krótkoterminowej psychoterapii – zapraszamy.

Introduction to ISTDP

An interactive, acclaimed online course designed for those working in the helping field (psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists) who want to expand their practice and/or begin training in ISTDP.

Workshops and Seminars

Over the past 10 years, we have organized or co-organized several events: conferences, seminars and workshops, which have enabled a large number of people to learn about ISTDP